Bramo, which means I yearn for in Italian, was born out of the simple idea that a person should be able to enjoy an amazing cup of coffee and the experience no matter where they are and when they want it.

Being a coffee lover, which some may call an addict, I would search and explore countless cafes and drink countless cups of coffee in search of the perfect cup and coffee experience.  Perfect is a relative term, but I wanted something that was an entire experience that would blow me away and make me crave more.    As many can relate, however, whether on a plane, in a hotel, at work, watching a sporting event or simply while enjoying the outdoors there was a lack of great tasting on-the-go coffee options.  Available products were packed with sugar, additives and were not portable without the risk of breakage or spillage.  For me, it wasn't only about the taste.   I wanted my coffee to look amazing so I was anxious to drink it.  I wanted it to smell incredible so I could taste it before it hit my mouth and then finally the taste had to be a grand finale. This is what we set out to accomplish with Bramo Cold Brew Coffee.   We would spend months carefully selecting beans, roasters and building our recipes.  During the process, it was critical to focus on the ingredients being consumed, where we source our products, the environment,  the community impact and product packaging that addressed how we consume coffee in today’s lifestyle.  

Our process allowed us to achieve a cold brew coffee that is truly exceptional, conscientious, and convenient.  We will always strive to provide the best product to our customer and be a company that exceeds expectations.  I hope that you enjoy our products and remember there is never a reason to settle for bad coffee.


Michael Corso, Founder